Key topics of the meeting

The explosion of massive stars as GRBs and SNe are among the most powerful and luminous events in the Universe. Their progenitors require special conditions to form and upon their explosive death they release energy and heavy elements back into their environment and a new cycle of star-formation begins with different initial conditions. Those stellar explosions play an important role in the general evolution of galaxies across the entire history of the Universe. In this Focus Meeting we want to foster the interaction between the different communities working on massive stellar explosions, star-forming galaxies and galaxy evolution, observational as well as theoretical, to improve the knowledge of the scientific community on their mutual influences.

The main topics to be covered are the following:
Host galaxies of GRBs, SNe and massive stars
Starburst galaxies as potential host of massive stellar explosions
Diversity of GRBs, SNe and their progenitors
Dependence of stellar evolution on the properties of their progenitors and environments
Resolved observations of the explosion environments
Influence of stellar explosions on their environments
Chemical evolution of galaxies due to massive stellar explosions
Probing the first galaxies with GRBs
Future facilities and techniques

Our meeting has gender equality both in the SOC members and invited speakers, the ratio is less for contributed speakers corresponding to the percentage in abstract requests.


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